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Summer landscape

From still life

Thanks! Speedart ~30 min

For one beautiful girl. Used her photo as ref.


My ID (Old version)

From still life

Free commission. Used ref.

My English is awful =( and if you can read in Russian, go to this link and don’t crash your mind with this tutorial =) If you find stupid mistakes, write about this in comments, please, and I’ll fix them!  

For a one work I had to draw a strawberry. After finishing it, I have received many requests about making a tutorial about this wonderful berry. As for me, the whole strawberries is not has gone right, therefore I have made a small tutorial about a strawberry’s part, because it has gone right most of all.

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Before the rain, about 2 h.

Used ref:

Bright Sky 2. No ref. Photoshop+Wacom.